WinIPConfig 4.0

Finally it’s there. Here is the release version of my WinIPConfig tool. Completely rewritten, it is now capable to configure Windows 7 systems as well.

Having this tool installed on your notebook, you can easily

  • Maintain different static IP address setups on your computer. You don’t need to dig through the Windows dialog boxes anymore in order to reconfigure an IP address.
  • Bring a NIC back to DHCP configuration.
  • Maintain static routes on your computer.
  • Add or remove secondary IP addresses (for advanced users…)
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the IP addresses and network properties on your computer.

Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback, additional ideas and of course bug reports to me.

Click here to download WinIPConfig2012.

How does the UI look like? Here is a screenshot:


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