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About Peter Kostov (peko)

Hello, welcome again to my homepage.
I'm working as a network system engineer in internetwork development, design and implementation. Basically I'm working the whole day to ensure that these funny little IP packets can travel from A to B. And back to A, if they want... Doing this for nearly 10 years, I've got a lot of experience with a broad variety of network components.
After years, in 2001, I've found time to prepare for and pass the CCNA exam. In 2002 I've got the CCDA and CCNP titles.
Because networks are not the whole thing in information technology I'm trying to enhance my programming skills from time to time. Do you remember the good old Z80 assembler? That was my start in the mid-eighties to program computers.
About a decade later, when MS-DOS, Pascal and all that funny stuff has vanished and we are no longer sitting in front of a 80286 PC, I felt that I should become able to write software for Windows. I needed some software to automate network device configuration.
Eventually, I found the excellent and free SNMP++ software library, provided by HP and written by Peter Mellquist. (Thank you guys for that fine piece of software... ) Well, now it was time to learn some C++ coding. The software which can be found on this website was finally the result of my humble programming skills.

If I'm not at work or elsewhere around the world, you'll find me usually at home. It's located in that area of Berlin which is shown below on the satellite photo. And believe it or not, sometimes I'm doing things which have nothing to do with all that computer crap. For example running, cycling, cooking, gardening or doing a thousand other things, but:

Unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours! And a quarter of this time is wasted by sleep....